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Piccola Architettura Siciliana

A possible definition of  city

A biographical work on the places and house of my great-grandparents in Sicily. They have lived almost 90 years in a village  in the province of Messina, in the Park of the Nebrodi. I used to visit  my great-grandparents one day a year, when i arrived in Sicily from Rome with my family; my great-grandfather, a shepherd, often was not at home, my great-grandmother, housewife and blind almost always, did not let us in in her house. The real living room was the street in common with other neighborhood houses. As an child-citizen of a big city like Rome this thing always impressed me, the street was not part of my life, I did not have any type of conscience. In this work I ‘ve fixed in my memory the rhythm of life that my great-grandparents have lived and as in certain contexts a small architecture, breaking the boundaries between private and public, becomes a small city.

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