Morocco-Fez-public space- plaza - photography- documentary-lenscultureCittà in Attesa

Archive’s retrospective analysis

The photographic project began during a trip to Morocco in 2011 walking through the streets of the ancient medina of Fez. From now a research for images of a possible definition of the city and its spaces. A constantly evolving project that aims to document the social status of the contemporary city, outlining a common theoretical framework in different social and cultural contexts.

What defines the public space? What do we mean by the word “community”?

Knowledge and enjoyment of heritage, architecture, public space are part of citizenship acquisition process, in its deepest sense, is recognize himself as an individual and as a member of a community. The photographs shown are fragments of public stages waiting for an event and its actors.  

Città in Attesa participated as personal research at Fotoleggendo 2016  in  Rome,  into  the  “R. Rossellini Institute of Cinematography” Expo-Area. 

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