About the Author


Davide was born in Rome, Italy, in 1982. He graduated at La Sapienza’ s School of Architecture after attending classes in Rome, Seville and Madrid. From 2011 to 2013 he expands his professional profile studying photography at the Institute of Cinematography R. Rossellini. In 2008 he gets in touch with the interesting history and culture of the Vatican world, working until 2015 as technical collaborator and cameraman at C.T.V. Vatican Television Center, the  responsible entity for images production, distribution and the archive of the Holy See’s activities. Davide is currently based in Madrid working on the Gogue.org personal project, Illustration and Photography Studio for Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape.

In the autumn of 2016 is the co-founder of  UrbanReports.org , with Viviana Rubbo, Alessandro Guida and Isabella Sassi Farías Urban Reports is an international collective of freelance researchers and photographers-architects based in Italy, Spain and The Netherlands. The purpose of Urban Reports is to document and record the urban transformations and the consequences on landscape and citizen life,  considering the personal photographic missions as a final result of a shared investigation with the founder group and with external researchers, forming a heterogeneous, open and evolving community.




  "I'm interested in the little hidden stories beneath the lines of an urban growth ”