Report from the edge of the City – Madrid

 The photo-report aims to form a visual atlas of Madrid’s Urban transformation and its neighbouring satellite cities into the boundary scenarios.

The action radius is 15 KM from the Spanish capital, with particular attention to the South zone, that because of financial opportunities and need for social housing (?),  has seen modified its built limits and the relationship with the rural landscape with a series of new building agglomerations. The south of Madrid interacts with other little cities : Alcorcón, Getafe, Leganés, Rivas-Vaciamadrid and Coslada. In the north, otherwise, Madrid interacts with the mountainous landscape of the Sierra de Guadarrama, hence the great impact of the transformation was the urban development of the North east of the capital, the nearby town Alcobendas and macro Barajas airport area.

Images by Davide Curatola Soprana ©UrbanReports

Episode 1 – Buena Vista Master Plan

Episode 2 – Sanchinarro Archistar

Episode 3 – Leganés mise-en-scène

Episode 4 – Vallecas Life Plan

Episode 5 – Los Berrocales Beach

Episode 6 – El Caña-verás

Episode 7 – El muro de la Fortuna

Episode 8 – Los Molinos de Getafe







From 2017, BOUNDARIES is a shared project of as  Report from the edge. The project now has a European vision and is a way to compare the urban transformation of Madrid with others cities, Rotterdam, Milan and Turin, in a collective report with the photographers Alessandro Guida, Isabella Sassi Farías, and the Architect and Urban Researcher Viviana Rubbo.




Stay Tuned here for updates and video talks in the cities